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5 Signs You Should Move Off Campus

There comes a point in every college student’s life when they have to weigh the pros and cons of staying on campus versus moving to off-campus housing. Moving off campus often comes with a lot of benefits. Here are five signs that it’s the right time to make the switch!

1. You’re getting tired of dining center food

Even the best dining center food will get old after a while. The menu repeats regularly, and the healthy options are few and far between. But when you’re living in the dorms, dining centers are often your only option for food (unless you want to live on snacks and microwave meals!)

Off-campus living will give you the freedom to choose your own meals. You can shake things up as much or as little as you want. Cooking for yourself also makes living with dietary restrictions and food allergies easier.

2. You want to start “adulting” more

If you live on campus during your entire college experience, the real world will be an even bigger shock to your system post-graduation. You’ll have to do all the cooking, grocery shopping, and bill-paying on your own. Even paying rent will be more difficult because it will be a monthly expense you have to budget for.

Choosing to live off-campus for at least part of your college experience will ease you into working full-time and living on your own. You’ll be responsible for making more of your decisions sooner.

3. You want to start saving more money

If your financial situation has changed in some way, you may need to start saving a bit more money for your tuition as opposed to housing. As your classes get harder, you probably have less time to dedicate to working, which may mean money is tighter. Off-campus housing is almost always more affordable than living in the dorms or even on-campus apartments.

4. You need more separation between school and your personal life

When you’re a college student, it’s easy to feel like your whole life revolves around school. It’s even easier to have this mindset when you’re living on campus. You’re literally surrounded by school. Even when you’re at home you’re not truly away from the academic environment.

Off-campus living will finally give you a break from school. It makes it a little easier to relax and indulge in self-care.

5. You’ll have more freedom

On-campus living usually comes with a lot of rules—no pets, quiet hours, no candles, and more. Although these are usually meant to protect students, they come at a price to your freedom. Living off-campus means you have more options. You have more freedom to live your life exactly how you want!

When you’re off-campus, you also won’t have to operate on your college’s schedule. You can stay all through the summer and over breaks. You’re the only one that dictates your schedule as opposed to the university.

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