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Finding the Best Off-Campus Housing at TCNJ or Rider

Are You Attending TCNJ or Rider University in New Jersey?

Established in 1855, TCNJ is a selective college that is home to some of New Jersey’s most accomplished students. It’s great because it is a public school with many of the benefits of private schools, giving students tons of amazing opportunities! No matter what you’re majoring in, you’ll love the beautiful campus and the cool mascot (Roscoe the lion, in case you’re not yet familiar!)

Less than ten minutes away is Rider University, a small private school that was established just a few years later in 1865. It started out as solely a business college, but has since expanded to offer several majors

If you’re moving to Ewing or Lawrenceville to attend TCNJ or Rider, you’ll have a few choices of where to live. Here are the options and their pros and cons! Living in the Residence Halls at TCNJ or Rider

Living in the Residence Halls at TCNJ or Rider

If you are a freshman at TCNJ, you’ll have to live in the dorms. Most second-year students do the same. Living in the dorms has some benefits like dining center eating and close proximity to all your classes. However, more than half of all upperclassmen opt to live off campus. Rider University has 18 different residential halls. However, several of these are only for sororities or fraternities. A few years ago, the university had the misfortune to get some bad press about the state of its dorms, but most of them have recently undergone renovations between 2017 and 2019. Most of the dorms here are traditional doubles, though there are a select few nicer options.

Living in Campus Town

For College of New Jersey students, living in TCNJ’s Campus Town is an option. First developed in 2013, this area has some nice apartments and recreation space for third and fourth-year students. The apartments have washer/dryers, parking spots, access to a great fitness center and more!

And, Living Off-Campus!

We saved the best option for last. Living off campus is great for both TCNJ students and Rider University students! If you are interested in sharing a house with some roommates, there are lots of options ranging from large to small. You can live alone if you’d like or you can live with 8-10 friends and roommates. It’s all up to you! Most of these off-campus residences are within walking or biking distance from campus.

Depending on whether you have a car that you can take each day or you’d prefer a quick walk to class, you can search for the place that’s right for you in Ewing, Lawrenceville, or the surrounding towns. There’s nothing like the freedom of escaping the dorms and living off campus! It allows you the opportunity to get away from the stress of school and relax in a place that’s all your own. An Easy Way to Find the Best Off-Campus House or Apartment Afito makes it easy to find a place off campus at TCNJ or Rider, if that’s what you choose to do. (And if you do decide to live on-campus, there’s always next year!) Browse our selection of student off-campus housing today!