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How to Get the Most Out of Your Afito Listing

The way landlords advertise their rental properties has changed a lot over the past decade. Fortunately for today’s property owners, in 2019 this process can be as easy as posting your vacancies on a popular listing platform. College landlords however need to be especially mindful of the expectations prospective student tenants have when searching for their off-campus home. Here are a few pointers on how to separate your listing from the rest of the pack:

Your main photo is your first impression

Posting clear, high quality photographs of the front of your rentals is the first step to a great listing. Listings with visually appealing, high-resolution photographs tend to catch students’ attention as they scroll through potential homes and apartments. Don’t balk at hiring a professional to photograph your properties- the expense is likely to pay dividends for years to come whenever you advertise vacancies online.

The more pictures, the better

Students want to see as many high quality pictures as they can when researching housing options. College tenants like to see pictures that reflect a properties cleanliness as well as its physical features. If you don’t currently have photographs of the interiors of your properties, we recommend having them taken (or taking them yourself) the next time your leases turn over, before your new tenants move in.

Thorough Descriptions are key

Students want to know as much as possible before reaching out to a landlord. If information about a listing is lacking, many prospective tenants will simply move on to a more informative listing. Some topics students love to see in listing descriptions are: what amenities are offered, what kind of parking is available, whether any bills or utilities are included, and details about the occupancy of the house (how many singles, doubles, etc.)

Strike a professional tone

College kids, who are usually new to living on their own, want responsive, reliable landlords that they feel will ensure a smooth and pleasant off-campus living experience. Student tenants respond well to landlords who are organized, respond quickly to inquiries, and take care to communicate in a professional and friendly matter.

Placement matters

No surprises here- students are more likely to see and respond to listings that appear at the top of the listing search feed. Afito offers an innovative premium listings leaderboard that allows landlords to pay a monthly fee to launch their listing to the top ranks of the search results for their University. While this is a great way to increase exposure, landlords must be mindful that getting your property to the top is only half the battle- the listing itself must be attractive to your audience in order for them to click on it.

The Afito team is happy to help our customers improve the quality and reach of their listings. If you need help, or have other any questions or concerns, shoot us an email at We’d love to hear from you!